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Abstract Art By Jamie R Morhaim

Abstract art & paintings, mixed media, and still life by the artist.

Abstract art paintings by unknown and famous artists

Abstract art gallery with paintings, biographies and art history. Featuring lesser known, but groundbreaking abstract artists. Learn how abstract paintings are created.

Abstract Original Paintings

Colorful abstract paintings and other original art by C. Wasankari. Unique style. See her vibrant Southwest and floral paintings too.

Abstract Paintings by Lorraine G Huber

Vibrant original abstract mixed media paintings and collages by Scottish abstract artist. Lorraine sells her enigmatic works, worldwide from her studio in Scotland.

Abstract Pen Drawings

Pen drawings that sometimes resemble organic structures like cells. Links are appreciated with other artists in any media.

Art by Kelly Moore

Kelly is a self taught artist who has no formal training or education in art. His original, expressive work has been referred to as art brut, outsider, raw, and visionary art.

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